Suspect Godly Gift Suspect #1: Emperor of the Land of the Rising Sun

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With the redefinition of Godly Gift, formerly trapped gods are now unleashed, such as Chien-Pao and Landorus. Among all these, the biggest benefactor is undoubtedly sun teams, with the previously already controversial Koraidon gaining powerful teammates, most notably Chi-Yu and Flutter Mane. Sun teams were already strong with Protosynthesis users having the flexibility of both defensive and offensive powerhouses such as Great Tusk and Walking Wake, and with these additions both the council and Godly Gift community have felt sun is now over the edge, even after the Chi-Yu ban. While managable when building with it in mind, the chokehold they have on the meta is too big, with sun teams being very easy to build with and the best playstyle, warping the meta to an extremely unhealthy degree. When trying to pinpoint the problem, the general sentiment is focused on Koraidon and Chi-Yu as the most problematic elements, and after Chi-Yu's departure, the council has elected to bring Koraidon to the table.
Koraidon is the best sun setter thanks to its ability to pivot out with U-turn. By itself, it's also an extremely powerful Pokemon, with different sets requiring different answers, and it has enough tools in its disposal to play around them. Choice Scarf set is threatening to force switches against offensive Pokemon while easily bringing in Sun users. With DLC, Koraidon also gained a new tool in Scale Shot, allowing Swords Dance sets to overrun both offensive and defensive teams alike. Depending on its need, it can opt to play around its answers with various options. Life Orb Stomping Tantrum surprises Skeledirge and can outright OHKO it if Skeledirge switches into a Fighting move beforehand. Substitute prevents defensive pivots like Alomomola from going into its answers. Taunt denies recovery and phazing from the likes of Arceus and Ting-Lu. However, it can't fit all of these options in one set and usually a team can deal with its sets fairly well, with Scale Shot set being seen as the strongest one being very reliant on its item and vulnerable to priority moves and chip damage should it not opt for Drain Punch. Koraidon utilizes Tera very well, with Tera Fire boosting its already strong sun boosted Fire attacks to dangerous level, preventing burn and giving it resistance to Fairy. But this also forces it to Tera more often than not against Will-O-Wisp users, leaving it vulnerable to common Ground-types like Great Tusk and Gliscor.

Are all of its upsides and role in sun teams enough to warrant its full ban? Or is it manageable enough without creating a big strain both in builder and game? The suspect test aims to find its place in the meta.

Requirements can be achieved by getting 75 GXE in 25 games on the Godly Gift ladder. In order to participate in the suspect, you must create a fresh alt (creation date no earlier than 9 November 2023) with the prefix GGSUN at the start of the name. When you have obtained the reqs, make sure to post proof of your alt's record (generally a screenshot) in this thread, and if you wish to do so, you can also share your thoughts on the test here.

Once the suspect period is over, everyone who has obtained reqs will be tagged. The post will then outline a process of blind voting, which will be clarified once the time arrives. For now, follow the above "Requirements" subheading to ensure that you have posted your reqs correctly. You must post on this thread in order to be tagged in the voting thread, however you do not need to include your vote on this thread.

A super-majority of 60% ban votes is required to ban Koraidon from Godly Gift.

  • Koraidon is permitted on the suspect ladder
  • The GXE requirement is 75 and the minimum game count is 25
  • You must ladder on a newly-created alt using the prefix GGSUN
  • You must post your reqs in this thread, though the voting process will happen in a separate thread. You are not required to state your vote in this thread.
  • The suspect test will conclude at 11:59pm GMT -5 (EST) on Thursday, 23th November.
  • A ban vote of 60% is required to ban Koraidon from Godly Gift.
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confirming as GGSUN GGEZ pz lemon squeezy
shout out to LordBox for letting me farm him :quagchamppogsire:
LordBox melts.PNG

I think Koraidon is near banworthy. Orichalcum Pulse is a crazy strong ability, providing a x1.3 Attack boost in the sun while also boosting Fire-type attacks. Sun also pairs very well with Walking Wake or Flutter Mane, both of which have excellent breaking potential and can handle Koraidon's resists, such as Alomomola, Azumarill or Dachsbun.
I could only handle Koraidon with a physically defensive Alomola and Weezing-Galar. However, when it's paired with Walking Wake or Flutter Mane, dealing with it becomes very challenging, and success relies heavily on making accurate predictions.
For this reason, I can certainly see :Koraidon: getting banned.
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Pretty awful experience suspecting due to the ladder being completely dead for the most part except for other suspect players who had great teams versus me, forcing me against the same player 3 times in a row at one point. Barely managed to edge out reqs swapping between a fat and BO teams I stole and slightly modified from longheip.

On Koraidon, I didn't see it much but it feels very strong when properly utilised. Choice Band sets are really annoying to wall given how strong Koraidon is while other sets can also be a nuisance. Enabling Sun as an archetype so much with great donations is also kinda broken although I didn't have too much trouble into Koraidon teams as a whole so far, so idk, maybe it's fine now that Chi-Yu is gone, I never had too much trouble dealing with annoying Proto mons like Flutter/Tusk enabled by Sun and donations. Will keep reading arguments people post until I come to a decision later.


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First time playing GG in many years, Koraidon is def busted but I also think Flutter Mane is equally as busted, Mon has basically no good checks outside of things that are outspeeding and 1hko-ing it in my experience and the things that can check it as uber abusable/taken care of by other teammates.

It isn't some flawless team, and has had many iterations with Defog HP slot G-Weezing instead of Toedscruel paired with Arceus-Grass, that variant had Alomomola in the SPA slot which is why it is still CM. The key players IMO are Skeledirge and Flutter Mane, especially Flutter whom I consider as busted as Koraidon, it's stabs are just so flexible and it's basic speed tier is great.
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One team I will post in my APAC OMWC shoutout post.
The other two:
:Weezing-Galar::Flutter Mane::Clodsire::Zacian::Alomomola::Ogerpon-Wellspring: - Mixed Flutter Mane Balance
I wanted something a bit spicy to ladder, what better way than to explore mixed attackers? I know Flutter got Poltergeist, it also has good Speed so seems like a perfect candidate. Pure physical or special walls stand no chance against this, such as Alomomola without the other investment. SubSplit also drains recovery pretty quickly. Waterpon stops Alomomola shenanigans and also Vaporeon in case of LordBox. Team might be a bit weak to Psyspam so I did change Alomomola to Tera Dark, though I think Steel is still fine?
:Scizor::Fezandipiti::Hoopa-Unbound::Dragapult::Rayquaza::Volcanion: - Beat Up Fezandipiti
I built this like last month but this never saw the light of day cause I didn't like it very much. Can't believe it finally gets the chance today after collecting dust. The reason I chose Fezandipiti over Maushold or Ambipom is due to its great defensive utility. Volcanion stops Alo, though Tera Poison was for Pex so I guess you can make some changes.
Had to switch teams to beat Natcrozma more easily, note that cat It's a team I built a while ago, not a cteam (although I have figured out the line to beat him with my other team). Since he ended my undefeated run I will end more of his alts. Also Giagantic no you didn't lose the speed tie, in fact you won both but lost anyway
Now onto Koraidon, I didn't like its overall influence before the definition change already, but with Flutter it is even stronger. You can argue Flutter is the issue but Flutter for me is like SpA Dragapult, strong breaker but not overbearing. With Protosynthesis active Flutter is more dangerous but without Koraidon Dragapult has the added benefit of going through screens and sub. Overall without sun they have some pros and cons over the others but I think they are comparable and I don't think Dragapult is broken so Flutter isn't for me either. Koraidon meanwhile might not be over the line by itself but with sun in the equation it would be better for it to go so I will vote BAN.

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This tier's either cursed or im just bad definetly not me lol, but honestly after playing I have nothing but respect for GG mains for having to deal with all the bullshit in this tier.
:Gliscor: :Maushold: :Volcarona: :Zacian-Crowned: :Alomomola: :Ogerpon-Wellspring: Team i used most of the runs, decent imo, not sure if its actually good tho

Regarding koraidon, i didn't really have any problems with it nor did i even encounter it that often, and when comparing it to other nonsense like Flutter Mane or Chien-Pao, it didnt strike me as overpowered, so im gonna vote Do not ban for now, but i wanna read a little more of what other people think before i finalize my vote.

also s/o to RoFnA for completely demolishing me like 20 times lol


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We will be running 4 suspect tours, where the winner and runner-up will qualify for reqs. These tours will be at 2 PM and 5 PM EST on The 22nd and 23d of this week. I will ping the GG role in the OM discord when these tours are started. Good luck everyone!
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